“Martyn is really experienced at what he does; he’s a great cameraman, director and editor. Really easy to work with, he understands people & business and how to get the best out of anyone on camera.” Louisa Fryer – L&D Manager CATH KIDSTON

My name is Martyn Tott I am a Freelance Film Maker, Photographer and Writer. I focus especially on Business Films where my USP is transferring your unique selling points onto the screen!  I have also made a wide range of drama films up to feature length. Regardless of the ‘theme’ my films focus on translating your story onto the screen whether that is a product, service or fiction tale.

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“Martyn did a showreel for me and it was amazing.. Great guy, very talented and super patient !! It was very stylish and slick and i was very impressed with the results. I would recommend him highly..”

Lisa Tomblin  – Oscar Nominated Film Hair Designer

“We have been blown away with the quality of the film that he has produced.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Martyn”

 Tony Maddison – Director MBS


“First class service! Martyn had the patience of a Saint and I highly recommend him.”  Tony Andrews – Bespoke Shoemaker and Inventor.

“Really impressed with what you have captured, it portrays the business and feeling perfectly and you have stayed true to your original vision.”  C. Landshultz – Director Indigozest.

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Helping Businesses Grow.

A complete script to screen service to give your business an advantage through film and video. Whether on your website or marketing campaign it is a very powerful reusable marketing tool.

Why have a film made?

No matter what size of project you have I can help. I use professional film making techniques to transfer your USP into an interesting informative short film.

You will benefit from a cost-effective marketing tool, what’s more it is a one off investment engaging viewers and visitors on a far superior level to just text, it’s like having your own unique TV ad packed with all the top reasons YOU are so special in your product/service arena.

How it’s done.

1. Consultation and information gathering with your input, this is essential and means you are involved in every stage of production.

2. Creative development of the script and storyboarding outline; working together to agree the best format.

3. We agree time(s) and date(s) with minimum disruption to the business. Filming at your location(s), capturing the product(s) or services and conducting related interviews.

4. Editing of footage into a cohesive film.

5. Review, amends if needed and mastering to upload.

My Experience.

As well as making business and short drama films I have worked in procurement for many household names. I understand business and supply chain from a buyers viewpoint and also use my procurement skills to keep costs low during production of your film.


The sky is the limit, literally! As well as my own filming skills I have associates in specialist fields who can bring aerial sky view shots, underwater cameras.

Production companies often break roles down into Script Writer, Producer, Director, Cameraman, DOP (Director of Photography), Lighting Engineer, Sound Engineer, Film Editor. Individually the average freelance rates for each position mean thousands of pounds invested.

When you hire me I have experience in all these functions above and scale accordingly providing a ‘one-stop shop’, this reduces YOUR financial outlay and much time consumed with logistics and diaries between crew members, time on set etc. I have the contacts to make a feature film if you have the budget… but if that was the case I expect you’d be emailing George Lucas by now!

From a 60 second clip to a full production with actors or presenters every client is unique.

Filming can be a bottomless money pit, highly stressful and disruptive however if you ask my happy clients about their experience you will find it can be more affordable and rewarding than you may have researched or imagined.

Please get in touch for details.


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