With my photography I try to capture moments in time that are natural or capture something about the person/subject. 

It can take many shots to get that certain moment but that is what makes it special.

I personally like to use natural settings and natural lighting rather than studios.

It’s all subjective so choose a photographer you connect with, look at their portfolio first.


IMG_0094 copy


IMG_9442 IMG_0192 IMG_8704    IMG_8178

IMG_9484Click on images to enlarge

Darren Matthews Blackout headshot

Darren outside house Still from Five Still Missing Copyright Martyn Tott IMG_1607 copy

Davy (Darren Matthews) gets a visit from the Police (Paul Cochrane and Kyle Newman)

Darren and Gary Five Still Missing

IMG_9826 Abbey Road Crossing circle revamp    IMG_9724 Westminster Bridge Circle Revamp

IMG_9214  IMG_9212 (1)  IMG_9186 IMG_9152



A Birthday With Eric

Eric (Robert Donald) in the Garden


Tracy Franklin Profile shot full length

Tracy 2

Tracy 6

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