The Odd Wheel is my second feature film currently (Spring 2017) in development/pre-production.

A cross generational cast of characters in a small town pulling together in hard times during Brexit.

The script is completed, most of the cast are on board and we test shoot in May.

This time I am concentrating on the Writing/Directing/Development/Casting/Co-Producing and will be teaming up with a crew including DOP, Producer, Production Manager, Production Assistant, Wardrobe Manager etc.

More details to follow, please find us at the Facebook page.

Ian Reddington, Tim Ahern and Martyn Tott

(Above) with two very talented actors Ian Reddington and Tim Ahern discussing the script and types of coffee.

Martyn Tott and Michael McKell 2017

(Above) Next visit was with Michael McKell. Possibly the coolest person I’ve ever met, if the Fonz was English it would be Michael.

IMG_0181 Martyn Tott and Freddie Davies BW St Patricks Day

(Above) Meeting the wonderful Freddie ‘Parrot Face’ Davies. As warm and friendly as you’d hope he’d be. Still sharp as a tack and likes to have a joke and take the mickey out of me. It’s an honour (I think!).

Martyn Tott and Gary Shail

(Above) With Gary Shail who has been a great supporter of my films and now I’m pleased to say I get to cast him in the next one!