Novel/Trailer – Six Magic Numbers

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Six Magic Smash Cover


Courtesy 'This Morning'

This Morning Show 2011 

‘A real page turner.’ – June Whitfield CBE and National Treasure

‘An incredible story…it really is extraordinairy’ – B Booker, Head of Development, Independent Drama, BBC Television  
‘I actually refused to go out one evening just so I could read it!’ – K Fraser, UK Artist 

Six Magic Numbers was first published in 2009. It was inspired by a period in my life but is a work of fiction. It is available online at Amazon and other sites as well as being released on e-book in 2012.
With a trail of failed romances behind him Mark wonders if there really is such a thing as ‘the one’. Then he meets Jo, an American tourist who looks like his favourite actress and shares his passion for rock music.
Just when he thinks life couldn’t get any better they are involved in a controversial claim for a lottery jackpot worth millions. Mark loses sight of what really matters and it costs him everything. 
Embarking on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey, all that stands between him and the one thing he truly loves is an ocean, a cult leader with a prophecy and a big question…
‘Is life governed by luck or belief?’

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