C.F.I.s.D. – Crime Fighters in (slight) Danger! (DRAMA)



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2020 A.D. Low level crime is now franchised under the C.S.A. (Crime Scene Auctions) Chief Frank Marey has been sent to run one of the franchises. From hardened ex-cops to housewives who have just left their husband that very morning to become detectives they are the new breed of… CRIME FIGHTERS IN (slight) DANGER!

Online series with Matt Oliver, Kim Driver, Paul Maddison, Janis Ahern, Nicola Wright, guest starring Tim Ahern (Lillyhammer, Last Chance Harvey, Strangers on a Train)


2020 A.D. Low-level crime is franchised.

Chief Frank Marey of the C.S.A. (Crime Scene Auctions) arrives at a secret location just outside Ashby De-La-Zouche with his colleague Saergent Howser an ex-police dog hand puppet. His mission is to open a new franchise. Across town Betsy Lampwich has had a bust up with her husband Ken and left him after singing a song first. There’s loads of stuff going on basically, easier to stop reading this and just watch it really.


WEBISODE TWO 13th September 2014

After the Season pilot you said you wanted even more… more thinner plots, more dodgy hair pieces, more gags that would make a cracker joke appear intellectual, you even said ‘Martyn I gotta see a hand puppet in a tank singing a punk song’ AND a guest appearance by some guy called Heisenberg?!, … I didn’t listen to any of it …. it’s already in there (sort of!),…. go look see, share!!!!

Chief Frank Marey and his pet hand puppet ex-police dog Howzer have been sent away by Captain Jeff Jefferson and no sooner have they settled in than there’s a call for his team to attend a crime scene. That would be great if Frank actually had a team. Enter Betsy Lampwich (The ‘H’ is silent) who takes a turn for the worse leaving fresh recruit Natalie a ‘Carpet and Crumb Scatter’ analyst to head over.

Finding Ken Lampwich (The ‘H’ is silent) in a bad way on the floor Natalie discovers the C.S.A. (Crime Scene Auctions) team aren’t the only ones snooping about the property…..Meanwhile Jefferson is worried that Frank’s persecutor has been released from Ming Sing Prison!

They are… CRIME FIGHTERS IN (slight) DANGER!!!!

WEBISODE THREE 20th September 2014

With Betsy under arrest for the attempted pasticide and scotch egg battery on Ken, Frank and Howzer treat the case as closed. Bill Bimble’s true identity is revealed landing him in the soup… I mean porridge…Natalie suspects there’s a sinister folklore tale afoot while Lieutenant Lou Tenant and Really Special Agent Moldy get an unwelcome visitor at the apartment.

They are… CRIME FIGHTERS IN (slight) DANGER!!!!

WEBISODE FOUR 27th September 2014

With time running out for Jefferson to establish the true culprit behind the attempted pesticide on Ken Lampwich it’s time to go all out and confront people closer to home. Meanwhile someone has been double crossing him and feeding back information to Chief Frank Marey and a mystery caller begins to make threats towards the C.F.I.s.D. franchise. Will Jefferson sew up the loose ends or be left with a ball of wool and no puns or similes left to finish the season?

In Pre-Production. Filming begins Summer/Autumn 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 22.37.14

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 17.37.04


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.49.01

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 17.39.56

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 22.58.08

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