I can produce any film you want to, I have made 30 second ads to a feature length movie… I can offer aerial sky view shots, underwater…. it really is like the old question about a piece of string. A better way to put it is, ‘how much string would you like at the moment?’

Okay, poor analogies aside, Production companies often break roles down into Script Writer, Producer, Director, Cameraman, DOP (Director of Photography), Lighting Engineer, Sound Engineer, Film Editor. Individually the average freelance rates for each position are approximately (as of summer 2013) £25 per hour. This varies depending on experience of course and I encourage you to research peoples portfolios whoever you choose.

When you hire me I have experience in all these functions above and can show examples of being a ‘one-stop shop’, this reduces YOUR financial outlay and much time consumed with logistics and diaries between crew members, time on set etc. I have the contacts to efficiently scale up if needed and essential to the project.

From a 60 second clip with the boss to a full production with actors every client is unique. I need to understand your expectations and business first.

Please get in touch for details.


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