BBC News – Lord Smith talks about UK film industry proposals

BBC News – Lord Smith talks about UK film industry proposals.

I was trying to find out recently what Lord Smith’s Government review meant for independent film makers.

I don’t think there is a formula for a ‘hit’ like Cameron seems to be hinting at, time and again small productions have come from nowhere and swept the boards whereas a hyped blockbuster has been left at the starting gates then plummeted like a belly flop from the high board.

I have always found there are loads of very talented people and untapped genius willing to help, the problems are more in the area of funding and distribution and networking.

I was very lucky to work with a team on my first trailer for a book in 2009. It cost me £1,500 including the 22 cast and crew working on expenses (petrol and a sandwich!) and some favours from friends because they believed in the project.

So Lord Smith if you have a department ready to put budding newbies in touch with a selection board please let me know.

See my trailer made for under £1,500